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How Do You Make Money Online?

The answer is very simple - Find a program or product - just like SpinMyPage.com - that will pay you money for advertising your affiliate links and then go ahead - Promote: Promote: Promote!

Advertising and Traffic Equals Sales and Income

There are thousands of people making a real long term income online, just by advertising the best home business programs, affiliate links and downline programs. Making money online is simple for anyone to do, even a complete newbie

But First you must learn how to advertise and get traffic to your sites

To be successful you have to get massive traffic. The right traffic plus the right programs or products is certain to make you an income every month

But what if you have lots of different affiliate products or programs you want to promote? The answer is simple - enter all your URL's into our URL rotation system which automatically gives you just one url to promote and instantly spreads all your hits across all your sites. There is no better way to advertise all your links, track all your clicks, and be certain that your advertising really will work

The SpinMyPage.com Rotator Program

This is the power of the SpinMyPage Rotator program

We give you just ONE URL based here at SpinMyPage.com, and you can enter as many individual URL's as you like. We call this your Rotator URL. Each time someone visits your Rotator URL they will actually view a different site, so your hits will be spread across different sites. you can promote all your websites, affiliate links, downline programs etc from just one URL - the SpinMyPage.com personal rotator

If you are a pro member then you can create unlimited rotators using our one-click system - just press a button and create another rotator, plus pro members have the top banner frame removed, so that no one will ever know you are using our rotating, tracking and url masking service

Unlimited URL Rotator

Remember you can enter an unlimited number of URL's or web addresses into our rotator, and if you are a pro member you can look at the enhances tracking data that is recorded, so you can see who viewed your pages, and work out how effective your advertising really is. You can easily promote all your websites from just one URL - your SpinMyPage.com rotator URL

Here's What You Can Do Right Now With Your Own SpinMyPage.com Account

Lets take a quick look at the benefits of joining SpinMyPage.com today

  • Instantly get your own personal rotator, which will immediately spread your hits between all your websites or referral url's
  • Stop wasting hits on websites that never make you any money
  • Earn a recurring monthly 50% commission on all your referrals membership fees
  • Protect your affiliate codes, so that no one can ever steal your affiliate commission again
  • Shorten any ugly long affiliate web address into a nice neat URL based here at SpinMyPage.com
  • Track all the clicks on your ads, so that you can see instantly which adverts are working and which are a waste of time
  • Advertise your affiliate code automtically using our own copy and paste system
  • Make money every month just by telling your friends about our service
  • Increase your affiliate sales and downline members - of any program - just by plugging yourself into the SpinMyPage system
  • Never lose an affiliate commission again, just because you didn't know how to hide your affiliate codes
  • Learn how to use traffic exchanges the pro way and surf 20, 30 or more at once, but administer all your links from just one URL
  • Display your banners and text ads across 50+ websites through our partner site at BannerAdPro.com
  • Bag yourself a bargain of more than 1 million free hits by joining our advertising site at traffictriangle.com - a free bonus
  • Turn the corner on your advertising failures and plug yourself into success with SpinMyPage.com
  • Promote all your websites from just one url
  • Never wonder "if" someone clicked your link - always know for sure what advertising is working, and what websites are making you money
  • Earn real cash every month for free all on auto pilot just by advertising your affiliate link

Using Traffic Exchanges

Traffic Exchanges are a great way of getting lots of free traffic to your website, however they suffer from a really bad problem - many of the people using them pick a favourite exchange, and then sit there all day long for hours and hours clicking for credits and not really looking at the sites they see. As a result you might end up getting lots of repeat hits to the same people over and over again

However this is where the SpinMyPage Rotator program comes in! - suppose instead of them seeing the same site, they got lots of different sites from your SpinMyPage.com rotator? Then any repeat hits would actually end up with a different site being shown each time - this way you have several bites at the bullet, because if they dont join one site they might join another, so you are guaranteed to get maximum results for at least one of your sites or programs

Now of course there is a much better way to use Traffic Exchanges, and this is to spread your hits across lots of different exchanges, but using the same rotator from SpinMyPage.com. So you could join 50 traffic exchanges or more, and then just list your Rotator URL on all of them. You could be surfing all of them at once using a tabbed browser like Firefox, but all of your hits would be spread across not only lots of traffic exchange programs but also lots of your affiliates sites! - a truly awesome advertising method

Protecting Your Affiliate Codes

You might not want other people to know what your affiliate codes are - for the different sites you are promoting. Many people online are a jealous crowd and they hate to think you might be making money if they buy a product through your affiliate URL. So its always a really good idea to protect your affiliate codes through our system. You see when you put your sites in your special Rotator URL, no one will ever see your affiliate code! The only URL anyone else will ever see is your Rotator URL and not the individual affiliate URL's. Our rotator system is like a wrapper that protects all your affiliate codes from prying eyes. This means you will stop losing sales and commissions just because we protect your affiliate code automatically

If you've never thought about this before, just think about how much money you are losing everyday, from affiliate theft - where other people chop off your affiliate codes and just join through the main website.com - cutting you out altogether. Its hard enough to make money online without losing your commissions everyday to affiliate cheats. Start using the SpinMyPage.com affiliate protection system today, and drive your sales and income through the roof

Tracking Your Clicks

One of the most important things to know when you are advertising, is which adverts are actually being clicked. With SpinMyPage.com our rotator and affiliate protection system is also a link tracker, which records how many times a particular link is clicked. If you are a pro member, you can set up as many link trackers as you like. This is because each rotator can be used for just one URL, and as a pro members you have access to all the information on who clicked your ads, showing you at a glance which of your ads are working and which never get any clicks

Shorten Your Ugly Affiliate Web Addresses

Many affiliate websites and home business programs give you a referral URL which is long, ugly, hard to remember and even harder to advertise! Now there's a really simple solution - in fact it couldn't be easier. Simply create a new rotator from your account - here at SpinMyPage.com - and enter just one URL - then press save. Thats how easy it is - instantly you have a shortened URL, which you can advertise, anywhere you please - so long as its legal - no spam or email "lists" allowed! There's no faster way to get your own shortened url, and all it takes is seconds

Learning The Secrets Of Massive Email Marketing

One of the most effective ways of advertising online is by using email marketing, where you can send out your advert using free Safelist programs and your own email list. Now of course you should only EVER stick to genuine email programs and NEVER SPAM or use purchased "leads". You can easily reach millions of people every day using this method, and because it takes only seconds to send out your ads, you are bound to get fantastic results

However there is one problem - how do you know which ads are working and which ads are never ever clicked? The answer is simple - using our tracking system you can see instantly which ads are being clicked and therefore where you should be concentrating on advertising more. Please remember our system cannot be used for sending out SPAM messages or to "purchased email addresses" - sadly purchased "leads" are just another pile of hogwash from people trying to make a fast buck, and are pretty universally a pile of rubbish - so please use your common sense, and dont get sucked into the criminal world of SPAM and "leads"

Earn 50% Referral Commission

Join us today and start earning 50% commission everytime someone you refer upgrades to the pro membership. We provide you with all the tools, banners, referral links etc, which you can use instantly to get advertising your own referral website. Everytime someone clicks on your link they are a potential customer, and you will be inline to receive your 50% commission cheques from us every month. There is no better way to start earning online, because of course everyone needs a good rotator, tracker and all the great services provided by SpinMyPage.com - so your affiliate link will sell, there is no doubt about it. Partner with us, and you will be on your way to an ongoing commission cheque month after month

Join Us As A Free Member

Join us today as a free member and get the following benefits:

  • 1 Rotator
  • Unlimited URL's per Rotator
  • Add/Edit/Delete URL's
  • Earn 50% Commisssion every month - currently $2.50 Monthly for each pro member you refers.

Join Or Upgrade To A Pro Member

  • unlimited Rotators
  • Unlimited URL's per Rotator
  • Add/Edit/Delete URL's
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  • Pause/Activate any URL in rotator
  • IP and Date time detailed stats for all the hits for last 7 days
  • Earn 50% Commisssion every month - currently $2.50 Monthly for each pro member you refers.
  • No Top Frame with banner advertisement at your rotator.

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